About Clan ubik


We are a group made up of online gamers who came together playing in the Game Arena “Enemy Territory” Ladder in late 2003.
We range in age from mid teens up to mid forties, and reside all around Australia. With such varying ages our clan is dynamic and fun to be involved in, and although winning is the goal of ubik, it is not at the cost of fun.
The clan was started in July 2003 and although formed to compete in Enemy Territory, we are always open to new gaming experiences. We currently have members playing Counterstrike Source, Day of Defeat Source, Enemy Territory, Battle Field 2 and World of Warcraft.
Our clan take it’s name from the book UBIK by P K Dick, which is set in a world where nothing is as it seems, and is a fitting reflection on the world of cyberspace that our clan inhabits.
Please make yourself know to us in our forum, we welcome all visitors.
And remember if you feel yourself starting to lose your grip on your cyberworld a quick dose of clan ubik may be the answer (safe when taken as directed).

You will find our current member list with msn contacts in the “product Information” area of our forum. If you would like to join ubik post up in the recruiting area of our forum, we are always looking for new faces.

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