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‘Ubik’ by Philip K Dick 1969
Chip works for Gene Runciter’s anti-psi security agency, which hires out its talents to block telepathic snooping and paranormal dirty tricks. When its special team tackles a big job on the Moon, something goes terribly wrong. Runciter is killed, it seems -but messages from him now appear on toilet walls, traffic tickets, or product labels. Meanwhile, fragments of reality are timeslipping into past versions: Joe Chip’s beloved stereo system reverts to a hand-cranked 78 player with bamboo needles. Why does Runciter’s face appear on U.S. coins?
Why the repeated ads for a hard-to-find universal panacea called Ubik
(“safe when taken as directed”)?

A spray can of Ubik,’ the girl answered, ‘is a portable negative ionizer, with a self-contained, high-voltage, low-amp unit powered by a peak-gain helium battery of 25kv. The negative ions are given a counter-clockwise spin by a radically biased acceleration chamber, which creates a centripetal tendency to them so that they cohere rather than dissipate. A negative ion field diminishes the velocity of anti-protophasons normally present in the atmosphere; as soon as their velocity falls they cease to be anti-protophasons and, under the principle of parity, no longer can unite with protophasons radiated from persons frozen in cold-pac; that is, those in half-life. The end result is that the proportion of protophasons not canceled by anti-protophasons increases, which means–for a specific time, anyhow–an increment in the net put-forth field of protophasonic activity . . . which the affected half-lifer experiences as greater vitality plus a lowering of the experience of low cold-pac temperatures.'” –Ubik

Films from Dick books
Blade Runner
(1982, dir. by Ridley Scott, based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?)
Total Recall
(1990, dir. by Paul Verhoeven, based on We Can Remember It For You Wholesale)
Confessions d’un Barjo (french)
(1992, dir. by Jerome Boivin, based on The Confessions of a Crap-Artist)
(1995, dir. by Christian Duguay, based on “Second Variety”)
Minority Report
(2002, dir. by Steven Spielberg)

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