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TF2 ladder update news.

First off some changes have been made to the ladder FAQ: regarding changes to the match play of gravel_pit being changed to match the new dustbowl format for scoring:

"# Matches scheduled to be played on cp_dustbowl and cp_gravel_pit will be played over 2 rounds, with each team having a turn of attacking and defending. The winner will be determined by the team with the highest score after the completion of both rounds. If the scores are even, then the team which captured their final point in the fastest time (highest server time
remaining) will be the winner. The round must be restarted between rounds using rcon mp_restartgame 15. This means that teams MUST take a screenshot of the server time remaining as they cap each point in the possible event of a tie.

This can be done by opening the console (using the ~ key) and typing in
(e.g.) bind h "timeleft; wait 50; jpeg" When a point is captured, you would need to hit the h key, which will display the time left, and take a screen shot.

# The score entry format will be the score on the scoreboard at the completion of the rounds in all cases except for cp_dustbowl where if a tie occurs the score will be entered as 1-0 to the team whom capped the tied point with the most server time remaining (not the countdown clock)."

It is both teams responsibility to ensure they have a screenshot of the server timeleft at the capping of their tied point. I suggest you get multiple players to setup this bind so at least 1 member gets the time. In case you are unsure this is not the clock countdown at the top of the screen but will flash up on the bottom left when you use the bind or command "timeleft" in the console.

To avoid confusion on scoring I have also provided some examples of possible scores for the different maps:

"Example Scores:
Ctf_2Fort 7-4 (7 flag captures to 4)
Cp_well/cp_granary 4-2 (4 final point caps to 2) Cp_dustbowl 6-5 (6 point caps to 5) or 1-0 (if tied caps 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, final cap time checked). If 0-0 then enter this.
Cp_gravelpit 3-2 (3 point caps to 2) or 1-0 (if tied caps 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, final cap time checked). If 0-0 then enter this."

Also being looked at it the stalemate settings, finishing rounds half way through and returning the settings to how they were pre patch.

If you have any questions relating to the ladder, rules or settings, please post in the ladder FAQ and we can address them.

Lastly the ladder is nearing completion with the ladder lock date on March 14th so what does this mean for your teams?
- Firstly the roster lock is already in place, meaning any players with joining dates after the 29th of Feb will not be elligible to participate in the finals.
- Any frivalous disputes, even accidental between now and the end of the season will be punished with forfeits to prevent teams being tied up in disputes affecting their ability to make challenges. I suggest all teams confirm the match scores at the completion of the match to prevent score discrepancies. If the scores are different the teams must provide evidence that their score is correct and entered as per the example formats provided above.
- The ladder lock will occur on the afternoon of March 14th. From this point the only thing that changes is no more challenges maybe submitted.
All pending matches and submitted challenges MUST be accepted or declined as per normal ladder rules. No matches or challenges will be cancelled, so if you don't accept or you don't turn up to a match after the lock date you will forfeit.
- The finals will take place the week following the completion of the matches involving the top 8 teams and will run for a period of 4 weeks. The next season will commence 2 weeks after that.

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