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Rules and FAQ's on the GA Ladder posted on the GA TF2 forum.

This sticky will contain any information that teams should be aware of and answer any questions players may have. I'm personally of the opinion that any small "tricks" which aren't deemed to be game breaking exploits should not be policed, and that the best approach is to make the knowledge of any such things public and available for all teams to use. This avoids frivolous grey area disputes which clog up the ladder.

The general guideline for our stance with regards to running the TF2 ladder will be that we want to avoid extra admin over head where ever possible. We've learned valuable lessons recently with the CS:S ladder, where our reliance on a complex collection of server plugins and rules has lead to a huge amount of drama and disputes.

Ladder Status - Regulation Mode

Season Length
The regulation season will run for 16 weeks. This does not include a 2 week Christmas break and any breaks for major game play changes from game updates.

Current Ladder Schedule

# Season start date - 5th November
# Christmas break - Friday 21st December to Friday 4th January
# Roster lock date - Friday 29th February
# Ladder lock date - Friday 14th March
# Finals duration - Friday 21st March to Friday 18th April

Ladder Links
TF2 Ladder Rules -
TF2 Ladder Rankings -
Your Team page -

General Information

# Matches scheduled to be played on cp_dustbowl and cp_gravelpit will be played in a best of three rounds. The team which made the ladder challenge must play as RED in the 1st round. At the end of the 1st round the teams will automatically be switched, with the challenging team playing BLUE in the 2nd round. In the 3rd round the challenging team will again play as the RED team. Completion times of the rounds do not matter, the winning team is simply the team with the highest score.

# A team who is using a player that isn't on their roster will forfeit the match and be dropped to the bottom of the ladder.

# Its highly recommended that players take a screenshot showing the results of a "status" command in the console at the start of the match. This will allow us to ensure teams aren't using mercenaries.

Deemed to be Exploits

A team that is found to be abusing any of the exploits listed to gain an advantage in a ladder match will have the match forfeited:

# "Queuing" up a spy melee attack and then disgusing / cloaking, so that switching back to the melee weapon results in a melee attack which does not bring the spy out of disguise / cloak.

# Spies are not allowed to sap enemy buildings through walls or floors.

# Scouts on the red team using the invisible ledge to jump over the train during warm up.

Deemed to be Valid

The issues below have been classed as non-game breaking and will not be policed as exploits:

# Jumping over the trains on cp_well during the setup countdown.

# Firing through a gap to damage enemy players during warmup.

If players have any questions please ask them in this thread, off topic posts will be removed. If you wish to discuss or debate anything in this list please make a new thread focusing on just the point you'd like to comment on.

If you feel a team has found and abused a game breaking exploit enter a dispute for the match and be sure to supply full evidence. The ladder admins will look into it and make a ruling and then provide information to all teams in this post to clarify if it has been declared an exploit or a valid tactic.

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